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Harper's BAZAAR: The Art of Bazaar Exhibition

October 23 - November 20

Level One between Burberry and Louis Vuitton

NorthPark Center and Harper's BAZAAR present The Art of Bazaar, a free exhibition highlighting the role of art in the realm of fashion. The exhibition is one of many at NorthPark, shown throughout the year in a dedicated gallery space on Level One between Burberry and Louis Vuitton.

The Art of Bazaar underscores the deep connection between fashion and art by highlighting works included in the publication over its rich 150-year history. For the Harper brothers, who founded the magazine in 1867, style was about more than clothing; it was a vessel of expression for “whatever can comfort the heart and delight the eye.” From early illustrations by Salvador Dalí to Andy Warhol’s sketches of shoes, Harper’s BAZAAR has showcased fashion through the eyes of countless creative visionaries, propelling many of them on to legendary careers.

Man Ray’s surreal images from the 1930s showed the power of fashion to challenge perceptions; contributions from Diane Arbus and Toni Frissell asserted the value of photography as an art form; artist Cindy Sherman’s March 2016 send- up of street-style stars challenged the fashion industry to view its own practices with the critical eye of a bystander. The provocative role of art in the fashion world has changed evolved over the years, but the weight of its presence has remained constant – much like the magazine itself.

The Art of Bazaar is exclusive to NorthPark Center and will be on view from October 23, 2017-November 20, 2017.