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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor: Holly Haber

Tory Burch


A Passion for Adventure

Admired for her sophisticated fashions and global philanthropic efforts, world-renowned designer Tory Burch reveals the meaningful inspiration behind her Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

HH What influenced the direction of your Spring/Summer 2019 collection?
TB Our Spring/Summer 2019 collection was inspired by my parents’ travels as I was growing up. Every summer they would board a big steamship for six weeks and travel around the Mediterranean, seeing Monaco, Barcelona, Rome…they would come back with the most incredible stories and photographs. Their travels instilled in me an enduring sense of wanderlust and provided the inspiration to keep a global traveler in mind while designing this collection.

Buddy and Reva Robinson

HH Are there specific wardrobe essentials from this collection that were inspired by your parents?
TB One of my favorite pieces, our black clip tank dress, is made of a soft jersey cotton that does not easily wrinkle. It reminds me of something my mother would wear. Our new camera bag is modeled after the one my father carried around the Mediterranean, documenting their adventures. Another piece designed with my father in mind is the “Buddy Tunic.” Effortless yet polished, this travel essential is named in his honor and is a feminine take on the one he used to wear when traveling.

Camera Bag

HH How did your parents’ passion for adventure influence who you are today? 
TB I inherited my parents’ adventurous spirit, which at its core, I believe, is curiosity and the desire to experience other ways of life. While traveling, I love to explore, keeping my days unscheduled and going with the flow. Whether I am walking through ancient ruins, taking in modern art at a museum, or browsing a local flea market, I always set off with a camera and see where the day takes me.

HH What makes NorthPark Center a good home for the Tory Burch brand?
TB NorthPark has been a great partner. It focuses on providing experiential retail, which is paramount. NorthPark's innovative use of fine art elevates the retail experience. One of my favorite pieces currently on view is Lichtenstein's Double Glass sculpture. I love that it is an abstraction of his signature comic strip style.

HH What do you enjoy most about traveling to Dallas?
TB I always look forward to visiting Dallas. Everyone is so friendly, and Texas women have an incredible sense of style with their fondness for bold colors and prints. I absolutely love the Nasher Sculpture Center. With works by such artists as de Kooning, Picasso, Matisse, Miro...its permanent collection is incredible. I also make it a priority to have authentic Texas barbecue on nearly all of my trips to Dallas. 

HH As a prominent business leader, what critical advice can you give women entrepreneurs?
TB Embrace your desire for success, and be your own best advocate. An original idea is only a small part of what makes an entrepreneur successful. You have to have passion and allow others to see that. As women entrepreneurs, we need to embrace our aspirations and celebrate our bold, ambitious ideas.


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