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northpark tulips

A garden of earthly delights is blooming at NorthPark.

Gaily-hued poppies and tulips herald spring, and the colorful flora within play off the season’s style palette.

“We take cues from the latest in fashion, especially with the eclectic color combinations,” says William “Billy” Roberts of Nomad Studio in Brooklyn. “We complement and contrast hot pinks with reds, purples, salmon, and fuchsia. We love using large swaths of color that put you in the spring spirit.”

Roberts co-designs the uplifting landscape with a team that includes longtime consultant Judy Cunningham of Santa Fe, landscape manager Alice Goss, and NorthPark owner Nancy Nasher.

The experts are big on new and unusual plants.

They mix texture and size for visual interest, combining slender leaves with heavier foliage and horizontal plants with verticals, like the single stalk Yucca elephantipes standing tall alongside Tillandsia Antonio, a pink hybrid bromeliad, in NorthCourt.

Coming March 24 are very large specimens of Furcraea macdougalii, a rosette succulent that is the tallest and one of the most spectacular in the Agave family. Find these striking beauties in Dillard’s Court.

northpark landscaping

Also new is Calathea Rosy, which boasts lush big leaves with variegated pinkish centers and dark green borders. They flourish alongside clusters of the hot pink bromeliad Guzmania Athena in front of Nike, which is the only Nike brand experience store in Texas.

northpark spring landscaping

Don’t miss the joyous kaleidoscope of color in Macy’s Court created by masses of multicolor felt-tipped snake plants and lavender orchids.

Red-tipped sansevieria, which attracted lots of attention in the holiday decor, also can be seen next to the Yucca elephantipes on Level One in NorthCourt.

northpark landscaping pineapple

How often do you see a pineapple plant? Bring the kids to discover pineapples growing next to coral-pink tropical anthuriums by J.Crew and J.Crew Men’s Shop. While the fruit won’t grow as big and sweet as what you buy at a grocer, it does ripen.

You’ll also see the bold pink-and-green color combo in the Agave ovatifolia flanked by hot pink Neoregelia Sandy in big square planters near Tory Sport and Longchamp Paris.

Bromeliads are a favorite landscape material at NorthPark because they’re showy as well as hardy.

northpark bromeliads

Vivid yellow and red bromeliads brighten the corridor between Macy’s and NorthCourt, playing off of the vivid “Double Glass” bronze sculpture by Roy Lichtenstein and Mark di Suvero’s towering steel Ad Astra.

Integral to its heritage and charm, NorthPark’s inventive landscape is ever-changing. Come back often to enjoy this beautiful tapestry as you shop.