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Scotch & Soda has brought its unique blend of playful, colorful men’s and women’s fashions to NorthPark in its first store in Texas.

Based in Amsterdam, Scotch & Soda specializes in well-crafted, individualistic style that’s accessibly priced.

Think classics with a twist for every occasion, from shearling outerwear and all-cotton sweats to printed ruffle dresses and office-friendly blazers, shirts and pants.

The company’s mantra is that it’s “inspired by the world and curated by Amsterdam.”

Its team of spotterstravel extensively looking for ideas, colors, vintage pieces, ruins and artifacts to bring home.

Designers in Amsterdam–a bastion of progressive culture and thought–interpret this panoply into prints, silhouettes and palettes that nod to fashion trends but have their own perspective.

The company does 60 percent of its revenue in men’s styles and 40 percent in women’s, unusual in an industry where women’s fashion typically drives sales.

Its philosophy is about “effortless individual style” and “the joy of discovery and surprise,” says North American CEO Ari Hoffman. “Even the most basic/simplest product is produced with an element of surprise, i.e., a hidden message, dash of color or unique treatment.”

Prints were a focus of the winter collection in a phantasm of stars, leopard, stripes, Chinoiserie and athletic patterns for women and classic plaids and bold graphics for men.

Women can tap into Scotch & Soda’s leopard sweatshirt ($125) or leopard jacquard jacket ($248) over a rosé-hued pleated satin skirt ($125), or perhaps a pink and burgundy Chinoiserie-toile print jacket ($245) over matching pants ($135).

The company emphasizes outerwear and knitwear for men and women, such as a creamy wool, nylon and yak pullover knitted with multicolored asymmetric stars ($190).

The men’s winter collection presents items such as a gold satin logo bomber jacket ($248), wool-blend tartan coat ($395) and stretch cotton corduroy pants embroidered with skiers ($198).

Hats, scarves, gloves, belts, intimate apparel, socks, bags and a smattering of jewelry round out the men’s and women’s lines, including a rakish wool felt fedora for gals.

Scotch & Soda’s unisex Barfly fragrance ($55) is a blend of citrus-herb, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, musk and Madagascar vanilla that’s piped into the store.

Next up is the pre-spring collection inspired by the formidable Alps and the diligent postal workers who travel them with “altitude attitude.”

Rest assured, these styles are more suited to urban sophisticates than letter carriers.

One women’s look pairs a “postal” red sweater faced with a big white chevron over matching pants seamed with athletic stripes.

In men’s, postal chic translates into a midnight navy four-pocket corduroy jacket with shots of royal blue over matching pants.

The pre-spring collection also offers denim–both skinny and wide–for both sexes, along with pink and olive ensembles for gals and vivid Navajo-style patterns for guys.

Scotch & Soda operates 230 stores worldwide, and this is its 31st in the US.

“We’ve established a significant presence on both the East and Eest coasts, so it was logical for us to focus on the next ‘big’ area where our customer shops,” says North American CEO Ari Hoffman. “We didn’t have to think twice about the location in Dallas as NorthPark continues to set the bar for premium shopping – their portfolio boasts the best brands and we are proud to be a part of the roster.”