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Shelby Foster

The trends that pop up season after season can range from mildly subtle (the peplum dress) to downright daring (the crop top). But if one certain trend catches your eye, it never hurts to head to the dressing room and give it a shot. One of the trends I’m drawn to this season is printed pants – which, in my opinion, is the equivalent to a red lip or a leather jacket. Daring, but doable.

Like many trends, pulling off a look is all about what you pair with it. Printed pants plus a wild and colorful printed top? Maybe not. Reach for simple basics in a neutral or complementary color. I love the Banana Republic pants with a turquoise sweater or the Splendid polka-dotted pants with an oatmeal-colored blouse. Let the pants take center stage.

Once you’ve found a pair of printed pants that fit the bill, don’t be afraid to pair them with another big trend for spring – metallic pumps. Since the two trends are so different, they can work well together and give your outfit a boost.

There are a variety of styles to try at NorthPark Center – from Juicy Couture to J.Crew. What trends are you dying to try for spring? Tweet us @northparkcenter!