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Shelby Foster

If you’re anything like me, you have an entire drawer full of nail polish. It’s such a tempting little treat – some Chanel Orange Fuzz here, Tom Ford Smoke Red there. Eventually, they start to multiply and take up precious real estate in your bathroom. Dozens of colors may be fun to collect, but the reality is that nail polish simply doesn’t last that long. It takes about a year for the color to start separating, and if it doesn’t blend back together after a good shake, it’s time to toss it.

Sephora has heard all of my nail polish woes and solved the problem for those who just can’t commit to using a whole bottle of polish. Meet Press Pods, a set of revolutionary, single-use manicure pods. That’s right, single-use. The kit comes with 34 manicure pods in every shade your heart desires – bright red to metallic duochrome to graphite green. One of the capsules provides just the right amount of polish for two thick coats on all 10 nails.

As you make your way through the kit, mark down your favorite shades. Sephora also sells the colors of the Formula X line in regular bottle sizes.

Why settle on one color, when you can have your pick of 24?