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Shelby Foster

The holidays are officially over. Now, it’s time to get back into the gym. If you stuck it out on the treadmill through the holidays (I admire you) or are just getting started on your resolutions, a few key accessories packed neatly into an adorable gym back can give you just the right amount of motivation. Here’s my list of gym necessities and how to keep it all organized.

First things first: toss out that old, ratty duffle you carried to soccer practice in high school. It’s time to upgrade to a new bag that fits your needs and your personality. If you are heading straight from work to the gym, you’ll need a bigger sized bag that will hold your workout clothes and shoes. Herschel Supply Co., available at Nordstrom, makes this darling dotted bag for $80. The inside is lined in red and even has a special pocket just for your shoes. This prevents them from getting the rest of your things dirty.

A good towel can make all those miles on the treadmill just a little more luxurious. lululemon atlethica has super absorbent microfiber towels in several sizes (one is large enough to cover your entire yoga mat). They also have plenty of water bottles to choose from, including portable glass options that are great if you also resolved to get away from using plastic.

Tunes are obviously important for any workout – word on the street is that listening to high tempo, upbeat music increases your endurance and your heart rate. It may seem easier to just use your iPhone, but Apple’s iPods come in so many fun colors and are easier to tote around the cardio room.

A small cosmetics case from Kate Spade can keep little things from sifting to the bottom of your bag. Store lululemon atletica headbands, Nordstrom hair ties, mineral water and Fresh lip balm in here so they are easy to find when you need them.

Finally, most gyms require an ID or card to show your membership. J.Crew makes small wallets that are just big enough to hold your ID, credit card, and some cash.

If you already have your bag packed and ready to go by the door the night before, you are much more likely to get that workout in! No more excuses.