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Shelby Foster

Each month, Nike at NorthPark Center partners with a local fitness studio or gym for Train Tuesday, a free series of workout classes right here in CenterPark Garden. GRIT Fitness, a full-body boutique fitness concept, is November’s featured studio. Today, we’re getting to know two instructors – Jenny Arnold and Annabel Williams!

Jenny Arnold

Jenny has been a member of GRIT Fitness since the very beginning in January 2015, but she’s been teaching since June 2016. By day, she’s a dental hygienist and by night, she teaches GRIT HIIT and Body Sculpt.

SF: What’s your favorite workout gear?

JA: I am a Nike shoe enthusiast!  My outfit always stems from which shoes I choose to wear that day, and what my goal is at the gym. Your shoes are the foundation of your workout, cardio, training, etc.  So I never leave without the right Nikes on!

SF: What is your favorite class to teach and why?

JA: I love teaching a full body workout, but teaching HIIT classes is so exhilarating.  Cramming as much intensity into just 30 minutes makes it a really fun class to teach.  I love nothing more than to motivate people!

SF: What makes GRIT Fitness unique here in Dallas?

JA: GRIT isn’t just a gym, or place to sweat.  GRIT is a community, and we are a family.  I was part of the #GRITFAM before becoming an instructor, and I cannot explain how incredibly amazing it is to witness hundreds of women lift each other up rather than put each other down.  We live in a harsh society, but when you walk into GRIT, you know you have nothing but support and love overflowing from every soul in the studio.  How inspiring is that!

Take Jenny’s GRIT HIIT class on Tuesday, November 14 at 6:30PM in CenterPark Garden. GRIT HIIT is their signature high intensity interval class designed to push you to your max with a tabata-style interval circuit that spikes your heart rate and builds muscular endurance.

Annabel Williams

Annabel is one of five original GRIT Fitness instructors, and she brings the heat in her classes! She teaches Dance Club Cardio, Turbo Kick, and REVOLUTION Cycle, and is known for her high energy and good vibes during class.

SF: What is the best part about being a fitness instructor?

AW: My squad, the #GRITFAM!!!  Being able to share this passion with others makes this journey absolutely rewarding. Being able to feed off their energy not only makes for an amazing class, but for an awesome experience. The VIBE is what I live for, that fuel of adrenaline I get from each client!

SF: What advice can you provide to someone trying to balance their nutritional goals with their busy lifestyle?

AW: Don’t give up! There are going to be all sorts of obstacles and excuses that come up throughout this lifestyle change; it truly is a lifestyle, not just a fab or diet.  You have to stay true to yourself and what you’re aiming to accomplish - hopefully that’s a happy healthy you! Know that you’re not alone.  There are always great people on the same journey with you that want to help.  Our GRITFAM is the biggest motivation for me.  We demonstrate the true meaning of community and integrity for one another.  Lean on a squad of some sort to help motivate you and keep you engaged - we are all here to help!

SF: Go-to treat to refuel after a workout?

AW: Egg sandwich with egg, avocado and spinach on a 100 calorie wheat sandwich bagel.  YUM! It’s got all the right moves!

Take Annabel’s Turbo Kick class on Tuesday, November 29 at 6:30PM in CenterPark Garden. Turbo Kick is a highly choreographed, fast-paced cardio kickboxing class that incorporates athletic drills and intensity intervals.

GRIT Fitness has two locations, in East Dallas and the Design District, and offers eight different types of energetic, music-driven group fitness classes that provide an intense workout in a friendly, welcoming environment. Class formats include dance, yoga, pilates, Turbo Kick, high intensity interval training, cycling, and more. To learn more about GRIT and see the full class schedule, visit their website at dallasgritfitness.com. Don't forget to register for the Train Tuesday classes with Nike at NorthPark!