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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor: Holly Haber

Natura Bissé’s new Diamond Instant Glow more than lives up to its name.

I was wide-eyed at the results. The quick, three-step facial visibly brightened my skin, diminished my smile lines and disappeared a forehead wrinkle. That’s impressive.

Instant Glow is the newest addition to Natura’s premium Diamond line. At $88 for four mini facials, it’s a bargain – and a fabulous picker upper when there’s no time to visit the spa.

I opened a sample of Diamond Instant Glow late one afternoon when I had a few extra minutes to get ready for a cocktail party. Fifteen minutes later, my skin looked so fresh that I didn’t want to camouflage it with foundation. I just smoothed concealer over my usual trouble spots.

Instant Glow can be completed in 10 minutes flat if you’re super efficient, but I take my time with all treatments to make sure I’m using them correctly. I want the maximum effect, after all.

Plus, I needed to fetch a magnifying glass to read and recheck the tiny-print directions. It’s absurd that the information cards for most beauty brands are printed in minuscule text that’s legible only to eyes so young they are probably not reading directions for anti-aging treatments in the first place. I keep a magnifying glass in the bathroom. But I digress.

Using Instant Glow is pretty simple. You break open the first ampule, spread the glycolic and alpha hydroxy acid peel across your face, neck and décolleté, and relax for eight minutes while it dissolves dead skin. I sponged it off and immediately saw lighter, fresher skin.

Ampule number two contains Radiance, a hydrating and soothing serum that you smooth on and let set for one minute. The final step is Lift, lives up to its claim of creating a “velvety veil” that’s a great primer for makeup.

The effect is supposed to last eight hours, but I was asleep by then so I can’t swear to it. And you’ve got to wear sunscreen after a peel like this.

Innovative and family-owned, Natura Bissé isn’t as well known as competing luxury treatment brands because it rarely advertises. It’s based in Barcelona with U.S. headquarters strategically located in Irving – the better to be close to its top account, Neiman Marcus.

Neiman’s also carries Natura’s other product lines – Essential Shock, NB Ceutical, The Cure and C+C Vitamin – which target various ages and concerns are generally priced lower than the Diamond products.

For special perks, visit Neiman Marcus on April 27 for Natura Bissé Beauty Lovers Day, when the brand will offer a gift with a $200 purchase, and every customer will receive a rose. Olé!