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Shelby Foster

MiniLuxe CEO Zoe Krislock

We sat down with MiniLuxe CEO Zoe Krislock over Performance Polish manicures to discuss self-care, clean beauty, Mini Moments, and what makes MiniLuxe different.

Shelby Foster: Tell us about the MiniLuxe difference.
Zoe Krislock: From a cleanliness perspective, we use medical grade equipment that helps sterilize our tools, and anything that can’t be sterilized, like your file and buffer, we offer it to you or dispose of it after your service. Everything you touch is sterilized, cleaned, or thrown away after your service. I believe that if you’re going to take the time to try to do something nice for yourself, you should leave better than you started. 

I’m really proud of the standard that we have from a cleanliness perspective, and I’m just as passionate about what we can do for the workforce. Having a group of people that care and have pride in their craft is so important. This is a great industry for people who love beauty and love the nurturing quality of it to really make a good living and have a career option. We are changing the dynamic for the worker through fair and equal pay, benefits, retirement, and PTO. Those are things that don’t exist in a lot of places in this industry.

Summer Neons from MiniLuxe

SF: "Clean Beauty" is gaining traction across the industry. What role does MiniLuxe play in this movement?
ZK: I call us a pioneer in the clean self-care space, because we’ve been around for 10 years and the business is just getting started. I don’t think that non-healthy products and experiences are going to be part of the vernacular in the next 3-5 years. The old idea that spending money or time on yourself…we’re kind of past that. Women taking a minute to validate moments in the day that make them happy or feel valued, or feel confident—we call them Mini Moments. We’re going to start sharing stories of things that are unexpected, that are maybe 2-5 minutes of your day, that make a difference, planned or unplanned.

SF: As a busy CEO yourself, how do you practice self-care?
ZK: Routine for me is about space just as much as it is about product. I’ve been really consciously giving myself 15 minutes before I get out of bed to think about what I’m doing that day, who I want to be, how I want to show up, and get in the right place. I’ve made a big effort to go home and put my phone away at 7:30PM. I don’t do it well all the time, but I try. It’s amazing, the books I’m reading, the things you thought you just never had space for when you’re not catering to everybody. This time gives me the freedom to be creative and be indulgent. And I like to be the guinea pig for our new nail art patterns.

MiniLuxe NorthPark

SF: MiniLuxe's second market was Dallas-Fort Worth. Why was it important for you to expand so rapidly here?
ZK: Dallas-Fort Worth is a very largely female populated market and it is growing in women entrepreneurs and business owners. The love of beauty in this market is different than it is anywhere else. Texas women have never had a problem thinking they deserve a manicure. Between their love of it, their unapologetic approach to it, and their willingness to evolve, make it a pretty fun place.

SF: Why is it important for MiniLuxe to have a presence at NorthPark?
ZK: NorthPark is an important expression for us because it is such a coveted location in the Dallas marketplace, especially for shopping. Dallas is such a big shopping city, but there aren’t many malls. NorthPark is really fun because of the status and the level of tenants you have here, as well as the fact that it is the mall of Dallas.

SF: What's next for MiniLuxe?
ZK: We’re excited to expand our private label product line. We already have our fragrance and our scrub, but we’re adding another fragrance and SPF for your hands. We’re also launching new colors and nail art each season. Summer is neon, and we’re really excited about some of the gemstone colors coming up for fall. 

MiniLuxe is located on Level Two near Macy's. Book an appointment by calling 972.674.5949.