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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor: Meredith Marceau - NorthPark Center Assistant Manager, Retail Events & Community Relations

Nike has added a new Tuesday class to their weekly workouts at NorthPark Center in CenterPark Garden at 6:30 PM! Sweat with the best in Dallas, mix up your routine and train with our monthly featured gym each Tuesday. This April, join The Gym of Social Mechanics for a high intensity interval conditioning workout designed for all fitness levels, followed by stretching and recovery.

Meet Cristen Trousdale of Social Mechanics

“I really fell into fitness when I decided to lose the 15 pounds I'd gained after I got married. Once I started my journey, I never stopped. It is the best thing I can do for myself and my family, because when you feel better about yourself everyone around you benefits. I used to think, ‘The skinnier the better,’ but now strong is my new skinny. Anyone can be skinny, but to be "fit" puts you into a different category. Lifting my kids into their car seats, carrying heavy grocery bags and enjoying adventurous trips are all made so much easier because I make workouts a priority. That is what it is truly all about for me. I love community fitness because it helps you to get out of bed and get to the gym even on those days you don’t really feel like it.”

MM: How would you describe your fitness fashion?

CT: You can always find me wearing a loose tank, shorts that allow me to squat and my Nike Metcons. I love my Nike Metcons because they are well-designed for our type of workout, not to mention super comfortable and versatile!

MM: What song motivates you?

CT: Honestly, I love country music, but I can always hit a personal record while listening to “Work” by Rihanna. If I am coaching, I have R&B/Hip Hop playing because it creates energy in the gym for my athletes.

MM: What is your favorite part of being a fitness instructor?

CT: Seeing others better themselves. I find fulfillment in seeing others reach their goals. When the light bulb goes off on a movement or a huge milestone, it can totally make my day.

Social Mechanics will be at NorthPark Center every Tuesday at 6:30PM throughout the month of April. Register for a class here.