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Individuality is the ne plus ultra of fashion, and Coach 1941 is at its forefront.

The brand invites you to put a personal spin on leather goods with leather flowers, rivets and souvenir pins that can be applied within minutes. Customizable styles include the popular Dinky, Saddle, Clutch, Bowery Crossbody, Small Wallet, Soft Wallet and Envelope Wallet.

Various colors and sizes of the flowers, pins and rivets plus the rainbow of bag hues present endless options. In addition, Coach stocks 101 stamps – including a Dallas skyline – plus two sizes of block letters that may be set on bags or hangtags in metallic silver and gold or vivid colors.

One customer wrote a personal slogan to his girlfriend in gold lettering on a black Dinky.

For those unaccustomed to design or befuddled by so many choices, the NorthPark Coach 1941 store has an exceptional advisor: craftswoman Kristin Hughes.

Hughes, who holds a degree in textile design from Savannah College of Art & Design, enjoys helping customers select and compose embellishments. Then, she fastens them to the bags.

“It’s really personal to understand who they are or whom they’re going to give it to,” she says.

Each pin is $15, a set of rivets is $10, and the flowers are $15 each. Put them on a new bag or wallet or bring one from your closet in for an update.

The Coach Create program will expand in February with the addition of semiprecious rivets such as tiger eye, opal, malachite, sodalite, coral and yellow topaz.

Another splendid opportunity is to style your own Rogue bag in any size. Working with a sample array of leather and suede skins plus python and crocodile, clients can design the bag’s exterior, pocket linings, handle and strap in one or more of nine hues.

The personal glam bag in leather arrives in six weeks, and exotic skins in 12.

Coach also offers scarves, embellished straps and charms to augment your bags.