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NorthPark Center's internationally acclaimed 20th and 21st century art collection turns shopping into a world-class cultural experience.  Making museum-quality art available for everyday enjoyment is a NorthPark tradition that adds a unique element to the atmosphere of this community gathering place.  More than 26 million people a year have the opportunity to experience this fascinating and significant art - more than attend most major art museums worldwide.

The NorthPark Center art collection features major works by renowned artists including Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, Joel Shapiro, Jim Dine, Jonathan Borofsky, James Rosenquist, Antony Gormley, Barry Flanagan and Beverly Pepper, among others.
Mark di Suvero's monumentally impressive 48-foot-tall, 12-ton Ad Astra, 2005, fills the two-story NorthCourt where it can be viewed from two levels.  This is the only indoor, public display of the artist's work in the world.  Mark di Suvero is a key figure in the development of postwar American sculpture.  His massive-scale sculptures are constructed primarily from industrial I-beams that are welded and bolted together.
A complimentary map of the NorthPark Art Tour with descriptions of each piece on display is available from the NorthPark Center Concierge, located on Level One near Neiman Marcus and from the NorthPark Center Management Office, located on Level One near Dillard's or download here.


  • 20 Elements, 2004-2005, Joel Shapiro

    Nordstrom Court

  • A Surrounded Figure (Assediato), 1983, Mimmo Paladino

    Between Neiman Marcus and Dillard's

  • Ad Astra, 2005, Mark di Suvero


  • Five Hammering Men, 1982, Jonathan Borofsky


  • Large Leaping Hare, 1982, Barry Flanagan

    Between Macy's Court and NorthCourt

  • The Field of the Cloth of Gold, 1987-1988, Jim Dine

    Between Neiman Marcus Court and SouthCourt

  • Three Places, 1983, Antony Gormley

    Between Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom